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I have even more family than I thought! My Gramma and Uncle Eric came to visit. They live far away so we don’t get to see them very often. They came just to meet me!

We loved each other right away. They brought me cookies and I gave them kisses and cuddles and jumped all over them to let them know how happy I was to meet them. They loved me.

After a couple hours of running and jumping we all sat down together and cuddled on the couch. Gramma is a great petter. Uncle Eric played with me and threw my toys for me. He was my new best friend.

Family IMG_2289 sml

Family IMG_2329 sml


We had a bonfire! A bonfire is when you have a big fire (Mom says it has to be a safe fire then it is a good fire) and food. I think you have bonfires when family comes to visit. There were hot dogs, potato salad, treats for me and something mom called s’mores. She said I could not have any of that. It was so exciting and amazing! Outside at night, a big fire, food and family.

Family IMG_2295 sml

We had such a good time. I hated to see them go so soon. I don’t know where they go but I wish they could stay. I love having a bigger family. More family means more play, more cuddles and more food.

Family DSC_0008 sml

I Care About Eye Care

Last month mom and dad took me to see this really nice doctor, Dr. Brown. He is an Ophthalmologists, he takes care of eyes. He works at the Animal Eye Clinic of North Florida. Mom really likes him and she is picky.

I had to go because my white fur and pink skin around my eyes could be a problem for me out in the sun. I like being outside so I was worried I would not be able to play in the sun. Mom said Dr. Brown will tell us what we need to do so I can play in the sun.

We had to wait in the waiting room. They had a newspaper out so I could go through it. That was very nice.

Eye Care IMG_2117 sml

Mom is right. Dr. Brown is real nice.

He looked at my eyes, he pet me and played with me a little. He said I was beautiful. He was real nice!

He said I should be ok outside in the sun. It would help if I wore a visor or glasses to protect my eyes and my skin. He said it isn’t real urgent but it would help.

Mom said he’d like to see me all grown up just to see how handsome I will be.

I’d like to see him again. I love making new friends.

Well, mom got me a hat and glasses. She only puts them on me for a little bit at at time. I either shake them off or pull them with my paws. They are too big on me. Mom tried to fix the glasses, which helped. She is hoping I grow into them.

Things are going great

and they’re only getting better.

I’m doing alright,

getting good grades.

The future’s so bright…

Eye Care IMG_3314 smlEye Care IMG_3319 sml

I gotta wear shades”

-”The Future’s So Bright”

by Timbuk 3

A Little Art and a Wash

I went to the Thomasville Rose Show and Festival last Saturday.

It was hot but I had a great time. I met a lot of new people and dogs. I love making new friends. Mom looked at the art and I greeted everyone!

IMG_2168 sml

Mom spent today washing our van. I helped, of course. It was really dirty. It took a long time but since I helped it took a little longer, which is good. We got to stay out longer.

I didn’t get very much on the van but I was able to drag the wash cloth around the dirt. Mom seemed so so focused on this rag and the van so I thought I would give it a try.


I didn’t get much of a chance since mom kept taking it back.