Summer Time!

It's Summer Time! Summer is so rough because of the heat. Mom says it gets hotter each summer. I can't take it! Then there is the rain. It's nice because it is not so hot in the afternoon but then I am stuck inside. Nothing to do except chew up my toys. After a while... Continue Reading →

It’s Independence Day!

It is yet another holiday. I love how people find things to celebrate...and it always involves lots of food. My mom says this is Independence Day. I guess that means everyone is independent today. I don't know why for only one day but ...who knows....who cares...there is food. Barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cookies,... Continue Reading →

A Visit from Gramma

Gramma came to visit for two whole weeks! I love Gramma so much. I miss her. I don't know why she doesn't just stay here. I'm sure she loves me too. I made her laugh and smile a lot. I loved having her for so long. It gave us time to hang out a lot.... Continue Reading →

A Lesson in Science

Mom has been super busy lately and then for Mother's Day she was real sick. Luckily I was there to help her feel better. First, I offered her a ballie. She just wanted a hug. Mom says I am the bestest hugger on the whole planet. Don't tell my dad though, mom says he might... Continue Reading →

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! That is so cool to have a day just to celebrate the Earth. A day just for a planet! The only thing is it is not about food and presents. Mom says April 22 is supposed to be about fighting to save the Earth but has become a festival which has food.... Continue Reading →

Easter 2 The Sequel

It was my second Easter. First Arthur and I had to pose for pictures. We didn't cooperate very well. Mom is crazy with the camera all of the time. Doesn't she know it just slows things down? Finally... Dog Bone Hunt! My favorite! I was on fire. I whipped through the yard looking for those... Continue Reading →

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