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It’s Independence Day!

Every year this time humans make a lot of noise and get excited over sparkling lights in the sky.

Well, I found out why they terrorize many of us with their noises. It’s their Independence Day.

What a great idea. You celebrate your Independence.!

So let’s celebrate our Independence from those noisy lights.

Instead celebrate your Independence. Be Independent. Be YOU!

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Summer Time!

It’s Summer Time!

Summer is so rough because of the heat. Mom says it gets hotter each summer. I can’t take it!

Then there is the rain. It’s nice because it is not so hot in the afternoon but then I am stuck inside. Nothing to do except chew up my toys. After a while it builds up and I can’t take it anymore…I run all through the house! Boy does that make mom mad. Although I think she lets me have a couple rounds anyway. Dad really doesn’t like it. Continue reading