Summer Time!

It’s Summer Time!

Summer is so rough because of the heat. Mom says it gets hotter each summer. I can’t take it!

Then there is the rain. It’s nice because it is not so hot in the afternoon but then I am stuck inside. Nothing to do except chew up my toys. After a while it builds up and I can’t take it anymore…I run all through the house! Boy does that make mom mad. Although I think she lets me have a couple rounds anyway. Dad really doesn’t like it.

To keep me “amused” as mom says she sets up a game for me. A hunt I can do inside when it’s raining. She gets a bunch of boxes and puts them face down on the floor. There are treats in only some of them. I find the treats. Mom says I have gotten so good at it the game goes real fast now. I don’t even flip over the empty boxes. She can’t fool me.

The other rainy day game we play is Bone Hunt! It’s the same as Bone Hunt I play at Easter but inside. Mom hides treats in the house while I’m in another room. She opens the door and I whip through like a hurricane and gobble up all the treats I find! That’s fun but goes so fast.

The part about Summer I really like is when mom sets up the pool. I love it! I used to be a “big baby” with water, so mom says, but now I am a big boy. I am not so scared of water.

Mom got the pool set up this summer and I was there to break it in.

IMG_0165 sml

I’m ok in the pool but that hose. It shoots all that water out and then it splashes the water in the pool. It drives me nuts!

I did my best to catch all that water coming out of the hose. That’s not easy. It just keeps coming!

Mom cheated and squirt me with the hose a few times

IMG_0169 sml crop

I hid by dad. I knew she wouldn’t squirt me there. HA!

I wasn’t going to quit. I was going to catch that water and put a stop to it!

I tried different strategies. Diving for it.

IMG_0173 sml

Kill the hose!

And sneaking up on it.


IMG_0183 sml

Almost had it!

I’ll get it. I know I’m getting closer.

IMG_0196 sml

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