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A Puppy’s Work is Never Done

When mom isn’t running around the house or yard working, or making my food, she is in the office clearing her desk or working on the computer. That is when I get to help.

First, I keep pushing my toys on her lap or in her hands but hanging on when she tries to grab it. I don’t let go. When she quits I shove it in her hand again. This keeps her flexible and always paying attention to me.

A Puppys Work IMG_2978 sml

When I get bored of that I help with the paper work. She has papers in a waste basket I see her use sometimes. She says it is recycle. She also has papers on her desk and some by her chair. I go through all these papers for her.

She says it is a big help especially the papers she has to go through on her desk and by her chair, because when I am done with them she can’t go through them anymore so it is less work for her.

I’m a Good Boy!

A Puppys Work IMG_2143 sml

Earth Day

I did my part for Earth Day. I stood, or rather sat, in solidarity with the March for Science. I want to remind everyone to stand up for our planet every day, not just today. Being a rescue I don’t see why anyone would not fight to keep their home.

I have started my own campaign. I think animals should have a say since people are not doing such a great job saving our natural world and our planet. I have started the

Paws for Planet Earth

Dogs (and others welcome) Unite!

Baby’s First Easter

I celebrated my first Easter. I was amazed at the wonderful rituals, running around the yard looking for food, baskets with new toys and more food. It was an exciting day.

Of course we couldn’t have Easter without King Arthur first unpacking the decorations. Arthur helps unpack and pack ALL holiday decorations.

IMG_1935 sml

On Easter Day I first helped Dad find his eggs. They were not real exciting since I couldn’t eat them. I tried but mom said I shouldn’t eat plastic. I liked hanging out in the yard though on such a pretty morning.

IMG_2031 sml

Then it was time for my “egg” hunt. I had what mom calls a “Dog Bone Hunt”. This was my first time but I caught on quick. Mom yelled “Dog Bone Hunt” and I shot out the front door and scrambled around the front yard sniffing out treats. Now those eggs I could eat!

IMG_2097 sml

It was so exciting I did not want it to end. Where did those treats come from? They were not there before. Why aren’t they there every day?

Then mom came out with a basket and a new toy. I did not waste time ripping the basket open. There were treats in there…and another toy! What an amazing day!



Then Arthur had his turn with a treat hunt and of course his Easter basket.

And when all the treats are gone there is always the basket.

IMG_2062 sml

It was an exciting day filled with adventures, hunts, toys and best of all, treats. The Easter Puppy was tired.

IMG_1938 sml

When is the next Easter?

Connoisseur of the Arts

I was introduced to the fine arts today. I went to the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival.

IMG_1985 sml


I got to see all kinds of photography, paintings, jewelry, and sculptures. I listened to music and relaxed under the oak trees. My favorite part was the food and all the people and dogs!

I did not know where to run first. So much was going on all at the same time…and so many people and dogs to greet!

I did get to be in a painting. A famous painting mom says. She said it is called “The Scream” by someone named Edvard Munch in 1893, whenever that was. Mom says it was a long time ago. He must have forgotten to put a face in it so they needed someone to fill it in. I did not like it too much, literally being in the painting that is. I didn’t mind the painting itself. The painting is ok. I just didn’t want to fill in the face and be stuck there all day.

I wanted to stay on the move. I was tempted to scream though.

IMG_1972 sml

It was a lot of walking and it was pretty hot. I was glad to get back in the van. I slept all the way home dreaming of all the new friends I made.

IMG_1987 sml


Mom says I really get around.

All Work and Some Play

Strider has not seen much rain. There has been a drought, it is called, where he lives. That is when there has not been any rain, and therefore no water to drink, for a long time. So everything is very dry.

Well, yesterday there was a big rainstorm. Mom said it was good, we needed it, but it caused a problem for mom. Everything was so dry when there was a big rainstorm, a lot at once, it washed out part of Strider’s long dirt driveway.

So mom said she had to fix it. Strider wanted to see for himself and help. Besides, it was an excuse to go outside the fence again.

There was a big hole in the driveway that needed fixing so Strider got right to work on it.

He saw mom digging dirt in a ditch so Strider helped.

IMG_1889 sml

He loosened the dirt for mom.

He occasionally wandered off a bit to sniff the air and ground and make sure the coast was clear and safe.

After all this hard work Strider needed a break.

IMG_1897 sml

The dirt was dumped on the driveway to fill the hole. It then needed to be packed down.

So Strider helped again.

IMG_1900 sml

This is tiring work, but it is finally done.

IMG_1910 sml

Strider says he helped cut the time in half for mom.

He felt good to be able to help…and get outside the fence again.

Of Wildflowers, Butterflies and Bees

Today Strider has discovered wildflowers! They are almost as tall as he is.

DSC_0630 sml

Strider did not find the flowers very interesting except that they have bugs! Flying bugs! Bees and butterflies they are called. The tiny ones, the bees, are a little noisy when they fly.

DSC_0640 sml

They are very hard to catch too. Mom won’t let him catch them anyway.