A Puppy’s Work is Never Done

When mom isn’t running around the house or yard working, or making my food, she is in the office clearing her desk or working on the computer. That is when I get to help.

First, I keep pushing my toys on her lap or in her hands but hanging on when she tries to grab it. I don’t let go. When she quits I shove it in her hand again. This keeps her flexible and always paying attention to me.

A Puppys Work IMG_2978 sml

When I get bored of that I help with the paper work. She has papers in a waste basket I see her use sometimes. She says it is recycle. She also has papers on her desk and some by her chair. I go through all these papers for her.

She says it is a big help especially the papers she has to go through on her desk and by her chair, because when I am done with them she can’t go through them anymore so it is less work for her.

I’m a Good Boy!

A Puppys Work IMG_2143 sml

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