All Work and Some Play

Strider has not seen much rain. There has been a drought, it is called, where he lives. That is when there has not been any rain, and therefore no water to drink, for a long time. So everything is very dry.

Well, yesterday there was a big rainstorm. Mom said it was good, we needed it, but it caused a problem for mom. Everything was so dry when there was a big rainstorm, a lot at once, it washed out part of Strider’s long dirt driveway.

So mom said she had to fix it. Strider wanted to see for himself and help. Besides, it was an excuse to go outside the fence again.

There was a big hole in the driveway that needed fixing so Strider got right to work on it.

He saw mom digging dirt in a ditch so Strider helped.

IMG_1889 sml

He loosened the dirt for mom.

He occasionally wandered off a bit to sniff the air and ground and make sure the coast was clear and safe.

After all this hard work Strider needed a break.

IMG_1897 sml

The dirt was dumped on the driveway to fill the hole. It then needed to be packed down.

So Strider helped again.

IMG_1900 sml

This is tiring work, but it is finally done.

IMG_1910 sml

Strider says he helped cut the time in half for mom.

He felt good to be able to help…and get outside the fence again.

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