Connoisseur of the Arts

I was introduced to the fine arts today. I went to the LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival.

IMG_1985 sml


I got to see all kinds of photography, paintings, jewelry, and sculptures. I listened to music and relaxed under the oak trees. My favorite part was the food and all the people and dogs!

I did not know where to run first. So much was going on all at the same time…and so many people and dogs to greet!

I did get to be in a painting. A famous painting mom says. She said it is called “The Scream” by someone named Edvard Munch in 1893, whenever that was. Mom says it was a long time ago. He must have forgotten to put a face in it so they needed someone to fill it in. I did not like it too much, literally being in the painting that is. I didn’t mind the painting itself. The painting is ok. I just didn’t want to fill in the face and be stuck there all day.

I wanted to stay on the move. I was tempted to scream though.

IMG_1972 sml

It was a lot of walking and it was pretty hot. I was glad to get back in the van. I slept all the way home dreaming of all the new friends I made.

IMG_1987 sml


Mom says I really get around.

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