It’s Independence Day!

Every year this time humans make a lot of noise and get excited over sparkling lights in the sky.

Well, I found out why they terrorize many of us with their noises. It’s their Independence Day.

What a great idea. You celebrate your Independence.!

So let’s celebrate our Independence from those noisy lights.

Instead celebrate your Independence. Be Independent. Be YOU!

Instead of noisy lights relax in the shade.

Run around outside and have a ball. Really, have a ball.

We had a big tree fall in our yard so I investigated.

Now it’s a…


Snack break!

Do your own thing.

Whatever that is.

Sun bathe…

by the pool.

It’s Summer.

Swim and cool off.

Fill it up!

Let’s swim!

Have a ball.

Have a bunch of balls.

Celebrate your Independence and show the world what you’ve got.

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