Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

National Rescue Dog Day is May 20. It was started just a few years ago in 2018. It is to recognize and rescue all the great dogs out there looking for a furever home.

So to all the nice people out there rescue another dog or for those of you who don’t have a fur family member find your best friend today. You deserve it.

We rescues offer so much to people. You need us.

We are there for you during those difficult and lonely times.

We teach you to stop and smell the air.

We take you on adventures.

We keep you healthy and take you for walks and exercise.

We entertain you with our talents and sports such as ball chasing.

…and more ball chasing…

We take you places.

You might even get lucky like my family and adopt a writer!

We wouldn’t be here if mom and dad had not cared. I’m glad they did. They gave us a chance to save them.

Find a rescue dog today. Every human deserves rescuing.

One thought on “Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

  1. Missed this one. We were out of town in a remote area with no cell service… something like your place.

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