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Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

National Rescue Dog Day is May 20. It was started just a few years ago in 2018. It is to recognize and rescue all the great dogs out there looking for a furever home.

So to all the nice people out there rescue another dog or for those of you who don’t have a fur family member find your best friend today. You deserve it.

We rescues offer so much to people. You need us.

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Happy National Dog Day!

Every dog has his day or so I’ve heard. Well, today is the day!

August 26 is National Dog Day!

So milk it for all you can. Remind your human it’s National Dog Day and they are required to give you lots of treats, walks, cuddles and treats.

Tell them it is good for them as well.

Remind them what is really important…you!

So relax and enJOY! This is your day!

Arthur is waiting for his day. He gets International Cat Day next month.