Earth Day 2021

Well, it was Earth Day again. And the humans did it again. Nothing.

Remember my Earth ball from Earth Day 2019?

Well, here it is today.

Mom says it is just as well. It looks like the real Earth today. Worn out, used up and filthy.

Poor thing.

Humans have a day they call Earth Day. It is a day to think about the Earth and how to care for it. After all, it is our only Life Support.

At the same time humans are killing it and with it goes us.

Earth Day is going to be a day of remembering how the Earth once was.

That’s where we come in.

We are Paws for Planet Earth.

Animals are so much smarter than humans. You almost feel sorry for them. That’s why they have us. They need us to get them through their lives. Otherwise they would be clueless.

We need to teach them how to behave with the Earth.

They can start with this article.

Tell them “Don’t be Trashy”.

We don’t pee in our water.

We don’t poop on our food.

We don’t waste our food. We even lick the bowls to make sure there isn’t one tiny speck of food we missed. Then we go back later and lick it again.

We give ourselves baths and don’t use up water.

And for fun we are happy chasing squirrels and playing with sticks. We don’t need stuff…although those can be fun too.

THIS is how our planet should look.

Bright colors and clean air and water.

Humans have people who tell them what to do to care for the Earth but many don’t listen. If I don’t listen I get in trouble and I’m sent to my room. So why do they get to stay out and do what they want?

Humans are strange. They have strict rules for us and almost no rules for other humans.

If I peed in my water, boy would I get it.

A human pees in it and nothing happens.

So get out there and show your human how to behave and care for their Life Support.

They take care of us so they should be able to take care of our Home.

Remember, we live here too.

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