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Well, I’ve been catching you up on what I have been up to and why I have been so far behind on my blogging. I skipped over one minor detail…well,…that mom said I have to mention.

You remember those dogs I mentioned earlier? They put everything behind because they have been so much work. They want to hurt Arthur so mom has to move Arthur anytime they come out of their rooms. Then she has to put the Huskies in their rooms when Arthur wants to come out to eat. It’s crazy. Continue reading

The House Guests That Never Leave

No need to miss me anymore. I’m back!

Boy have I been buuusssyyyy! I haven’t had time to write for my blog. I bet you were all wondering what happened to me. Well, I have a lot to tell you to catch you up to Thanksgiving.

I’ve had a lot of adventures in the last few months. Mom calls them something else.

I guess I can start at the beginning. Back in July mom brought home a couple of dogs. She did not ask my permission. She didn’t even ask Arthur.

No. she just brought them home. Surprise!

She thought I would like having other dogs, she said. “I thought you and the male would be best friends and run and play.” she said. Where did she get that from?

They are both 6-year-old Huskies. I hear mom talk all the time about Wolf, a husky she had a few years ago. So she just goes out and gets two huskies, a boy and a girl.

IMG_0373 sml

Dakota & Nikita

Why would she think I would like it? More dogs mean less treats, less food, and less attention. She says no, but I’m telling ya I think my meals have been shrinking and I’m losing weight.

I have seen my toys disappearing too. My toy box is empty. She says it’s because I keep hoarding them in the office…..

IMG_0553 sml House Guests

…that’s not it.

Mom said she had to get the dogs.. The vet who had them was going to kill them. Can they do that? I think she’s telling stories. Vets can’t do that. Can they? Oh wow! I’d better be real nice to my vet…just in case. I think the Huskies are telling her a story.

What did these guys do to their vet that they were going to kill them? They must be real bad dogs. Mom says no but what does she know. All I know is they want to eat Arthur real bad. Mom says so and they told me. So mom keeps Arthur in the office when they are out. They keep sniffing for him under the door. Mom doesn’t like it.

IMG_0531 sml

Maybe they wanted to eat the vet’s cat. Or maybe they wanted to eat their mom’s cat and they were sent to the vet. Uh Oh. I wonder….Mom says it’s Arthur’s house and all he has to do is say the word and we’re all out.

Either way, I don’t like these invaders.

Their first night in my house I had to stay with them. Mom said they’d been through a lot and were probably scared so we stayed with them.

The girl, Nikita, is ok,

but I don’t trust that male, Dakota.

I think he’s trouble. He doesn’t even know how to pose for a picture.

IMG_0404 sml crp


I showed them around my yard. I followed them everywhere to make sure they behave and don’t take anything that’s mine.

Mom has enough work handling me.

I walked them down my driveway. I made it clear everything is mine.

IMG_0498 sml

I don’t think that male is getting the message.

IMG_0558 sml

A rescue group was going to take them if things did not work out…they haven’t, but now the group said they can’t help us. UH OH!

Does that mean these house guests are staying?

Ah, Yuck!

Mom gave all of us new toys and scarves to make us all happy and the Huskies comfortable. She got me a special scarf. She said it was to make it clear to our house guests who I am and just where they stand.

I am kind of a Big Deal around here.

This is why you haven’t heard from me. I have been very busy.

I still don’t trust that male.

IMG_0424 sml