Donate to Strider’s College Fund

Well, I’ve been catching you up on what I have been up to and why I have been so far behind on my blogging. I skipped over one minor detail…well,…that mom said I have to mention.

You remember those dogs I mentioned earlier? They put everything behind because they have been so much work. They want to hurt Arthur so mom has to move Arthur anytime they come out of their rooms. Then she has to put the Huskies in their rooms when Arthur wants to come out to eat. It’s crazy.

Well, like I mentioned before, I don’t trust that male, Dakota. Well, just when mom and dad thought he and I were getting along just fine, just when I was sure he knew I was boss around here, he did it. He attacked me. We were playing ballie and he chased me and attacked. Mom couldn’t get him off me. When she finally did I kept biting him. So mom had to grab me and take me inside. I couldn’t stop I was so mad. He started it!

Mom was mad a t both of us.

But HE started it!

This was back around September not long before the Hurricane.

Now mom has to keep both Huskies away from Arthur and she has to keep Dakota and me away from each other. Mom said she spends so much time, that she doesn’t have, just playing musical rooms as she calls it. I don’t hear any music though.

The rescue group still has not contacted mom so I guess they are stuck here. Mom is freaking. She doesn’t know what to do. She wants everyone to be together without fear or worries.

It’s all his fault. Mom says it is both of us. Dakota starts the fights but I won’t stop. She also said I bully him. It’s not bullying. I’m just making it clear I am top dog.

Besides, I was doing just fine alone harassing Arthur when these two big dogs showed up, without asking me, and now I am outnumbered. Not fair.

Nikita, the girl, is ok. Although she chased after me when I was jumping on her while we were sniffing for squirrels. I don’t fight her. Boys aren’t supposed to fight girls. But that male…

Anyway, mom found a behaviorist. That is someone who understands dogs and helps fix their problems. Just get rid of that Dakota. All fixed.

This behaviorist is supposed to teach us all how to get along. Or show mom how to teach us. If she is a real behaviorist she’ll like me a lot and know it is not my fault.

Mom had a hard time finding someone who uses what she calls “fear free” and “low stress handling” to teach us. Mom says most people she contacted use “dominance” and scare tactics to train. That doesn’t sound good.

So mom is sending me back to school. Only I don’t have to go anywhere. Mom taught me since I was a pup but now I have to learn new things and new ways for learning and behaving. I like to think of it as a higher education. A Masters Dog Degree.

IMG_1350 sml

Mom says I have a temper. I’m just enthusiastic.

She said Dakota and I have to learn to play nice with others and curb my enthusiasm. Whatever that means.

There were many dogs and cats and birds and ferrets that lived with mom and dad before I came along. They all got old and sick and “crossed over” as mom puts it. All of that put them in deep debt. So they don’t have the money to hire this behaviorist. Great! I don’t have to go back to school. I’m smart. I know how to handle that dog.

Mom said the only alternative is to find them a new home which is not easy to do. I’ll find one for them. We can keep Nikita, but mom said they have to stay together.

Mom needs help. I try to help her but she says it isn’t much help.

So mom has started a College Fund for me. It isn’t really just for me. It is for everyone. All us dogs in the house have to go to school to learn to get along so we can be one big happy family. I can live with that.

I have to learn to stop bothering Arthur too. So do the Huskies.

I guess we’d better get this lady to help mom. I think mom might run away from home. She talks about it.

So mom wants me to ask all my readers to ask their people to please donate to Strider’s College Fund (It’s really called “Help the Huskies Keep Their Home”)

I know I’ll graduate fast because I am so smart. Mom says so.

I just hope I don’t have to wear this stupid hat when I graduate.

IMG_1347 sml

I hope you can help us. Tell your friends. Tell your people.

What a shame. I can think of much better things to spend the money on…like lots and lots of treats.

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