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Lend a Helping Paw

Alright guys. Talk to your people. We need help.

Mom needs help. I think she’s going to go nuts. People are so fragile.

We’ve been trying to raise money to have a professional behavioist come to the house and see how perfect I am and help the Huskies and Arthur learn to shape up. Mom says I need a lot of help too but I think she is just tryng to make Nikita and Dakota feel better.

Help Us All Keep Our Home Safe

Tempers have been running a bit high. I’m just passionate not aggressive.IMG_0436 sml House Guests

Mom says we need to get everyone under control and relaxed so there are not fights and the Huskies learn that cats are not food…or that I learn to stop chasing Arthur. She’s no fun.

So PLEASE shae this with everyone you know and have them share it with everyone they know.  And share it with their people!

Just 100 people donating $5 or 50 people donating $10.

Remember, we don’t want them dipping into your treat funds.

Once that is finally done we will start the Strider, Nikita, Dakota and Arthur Treat Fund!

Donate to Strider’s College Fund

Well, I’ve been catching you up on what I have been up to and why I have been so far behind on my blogging. I skipped over one minor detail…well,…that mom said I have to mention.

You remember those dogs I mentioned earlier? They put everything behind because they have been so much work. They want to hurt Arthur so mom has to move Arthur anytime they come out of their rooms. Then she has to put the Huskies in their rooms when Arthur wants to come out to eat. It’s crazy. Continue reading