Play Dating

A few weeks ago, the day after Valentine’s Day, we were all home just hanging around when a neighbor came over. He was helping dad with something. I was so upset because they did not let me out so I could jump on this new person. I met him once before on our walks. He left before I could do anything. I was so upset.

Then he came back with a lady and a dog!

Wow! A dog in my yard! Continue reading

Dog Agility Adventure

Last weekend mom took me to a local kennel club event. They had a Dog Show, Barn Hunt and Agility. She wanted me to learn agility so she thought it would be good for me to watch other dogs running the course.

When I was three months old I learned some agility. Mom said I learned fast and was very good at it.

IMG_1842 sml

Mom and I have not practiced the jumps and tunnel in a long time. She started teaching me again the last few months and I am even better! I run through the jumps now. Mom seems real upset about it but I think I’m doing great. Before I was too little to knock them all over. Now I just plow right trough them the whole time keeping my eyes on the treat in her hand. Continue reading

Super Bowl!

It’s the Super Bowl and we all know what that means! Lots of snacking foods and treats!

Between snacks we watched some crowds of people running around in a field. It was kind of interesting to watch. I was trying to figure out what they were doing.

When they were chasing a little ball they would all run and then run into each other and then they had to stop and find the ball. They would all be walking around looking up and down.

I don’t get it.

The other best part of the day, I mean besides the snacking and treats, was the play.

Mom got me a ball like the one those guys kept losing. I didn’t lose mine. I knew where it was the whole time.

I’m too fast to lose my football.

Funny name. That is what mom says it is called. It doesn’t look like a foot or even a paw for that matter. It sure bounces weird though. It made it harder to catch but I was fast and scrambled after it and I didn’t lose that ball once.

Mom said I could show those players on tv a thing or two. She said that is why I am a

Fantasy Football Legend.

IMG_4737 sml