Simply Christmas

It’s been another rough year and mom is still taking care of Dad. So not much time for Holidays.

Mom decided to still have some kind of Christmas but kept it simple. So we were able to have a couple traditions.

I helped, of course.

First we looked at Christmas lights to get some ideas. I like family car rides.

I was studying the lights. I don’t know what Dakota was doing and Nikita was not impressed.

While I like all the boxes of decorations mom drags out and the afternoons spent outside decorating, a simple Christmas is still nice.

It is important to help your human with decorating. It is an opportunity to be outside with them and to keep them busy noticing you.

I checked the lights and chords before putting them up.

It is important to make sure your human takes breaks.

Ball breaks.

And most important, snack breaks.

Having a simple Christmas makes these more likely since there is not much to do.

And the lights are up!

We only had 2 strands! Real Simple!

A job well done! That deserves another snack.

Have a great Christmas!

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