Strider’s Tips for Super Bowl LVII

I’ve been playing ball since I was just a pup. So I know how to play ball. And that is what the Super Bowl is all about, right?

I have some tips for the players. Who knows better than a dog how to catch a ball? After all, we do it with our mouths. We don’t need two paws, let alone two hands to catch a ball. I understand the players have a handicap in that.

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What is the deal with footballs?

So here are my tips.

First, I’d stick with round balls. They are so much easier to catch especially with your mouth.

Second, stay really excited. Make the ball your whole world. Don’t let it get away.

It is easier to show you.

What mom sees.

Watch my video as many times as you need to.

I’m glad to help.

Now I am going to enjoy the other part of the Super Bowl…snacks!

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