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Baby’s First Easter

I celebrated my first Easter. I was amazed at the wonderful rituals, running around the yard looking for food, baskets with new toys and more food. It was an exciting day.

Of course we couldn’t have Easter without King Arthur first unpacking the decorations. Arthur helps unpack and pack ALL holiday decorations.

IMG_1935 sml

On Easter Day I first helped Dad find his eggs. They were not real exciting since I couldn’t eat them. I tried but mom said I shouldn’t eat plastic. I liked hanging out in the yard though on such a pretty morning.

IMG_2031 sml

Then it was time for my “egg” hunt. I had what mom calls a “Dog Bone Hunt”. This was my first time but I caught on quick. Mom yelled “Dog Bone Hunt” and I shot out the front door and scrambled around the front yard sniffing out treats. Now those eggs I could eat!

IMG_2097 sml

It was so exciting I did not want it to end. Where did those treats come from? They were not there before. Why aren’t they there every day?

Then mom came out with a basket and a new toy. I did not waste time ripping the basket open. There were treats in there…and another toy! What an amazing day!



Then Arthur had his turn with a treat hunt and of course his Easter basket.

And when all the treats are gone there is always the basket.

IMG_2062 sml

It was an exciting day filled with adventures, hunts, toys and best of all, treats. The Easter Puppy was tired.

IMG_1938 sml

When is the next Easter?