Fitting In

Eventually Strider got to meet his “brother”, King Arthur. Everyone made such a big deal about him, you’d think he was royalty.

Arthur started coming down stairs more and more to check Strider out. It did not seem fair. The cat was allowed anywhere he wanted but poor Strider was not allowed upstairs.

Every time Arthur came down everyone froze. Strider tried to be nice and run and chase the cat but mom would get mad and stop him. Strider doesn’t get it.

They were allowed to sleep on the couch together but with restrictions…a barrier. For now anyway there is a truce.

IMG_1700 sml

Strider has found all kinds of beds he could use.

He has found ways to help out around the house, stay out of trouble temporarily and fit in…in the family and in all sorts of things like…

IMG_1601 sml

the cat tower…

IMG_1715 sml

…and the laundry basket.

He is such a help, learning to do the laundry.

In the beginning he did not have the hang of it yet and was very awkward with the laundry.

IMG_1632 sml

He has gotten much better at it. He uses the basket now.

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