Strider had a wonderful new experience. He went to the 3rd Annual North Florida VegFest put on by the Tallahassee Vegetarian Community (TalVeg).

IMG_1783 sml

He met a lot of really nice people there. Clearly many were dog lovers. He met some nice dogs too. A couple got mad at each other and started barking. Strider used his bark he has recently been developing and told them to quiet it down. He smiled ad greeted every dog he saw, but if they yelled at anyone he barked at them to get them to stop it. Angry dogs really upset Strider.

Strider did have a lot of people fans there. They were so happy to meet him they took his picture. One nice lady even got a movie of him telling a dog to behave himself. She liked his new voice.

He took a break from greeting all his new fans and had lunch.

IMG_1782 sml

After checking out all the booths and greeting everyone who walked by, he took a break to enjoy the park in his new t shirt his mom got him. Everyone said it was perfect for him.

IMG_1792 sml

It was a long and exciting day. Strider was glad to get to the van and head home.

IMG_1804 sml

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