Looking Up! Solar Eclipse 2017

What a day!

We spent the whole day outside watching the sun. Well, mom and dad kept looking at the sun. They said you can’t look at the sun without special glasses. It’s too bright.

Looking Up DSC_0490 sml

                          AAHHH!!                                     Don’t you love that picture? I look so freaky!

So we all wore special glasses.

DSC_0503 sml

They were special alight. I couldn’t see a thing though them. Day time went dark and was night time!

Looking Up DSC_0495 sml

Who looks at the sun anyway?

Mom made it a picnic. She brought out limeade, crescent sugar cookies, treats for me and water.

DSC_0457 sml

Boy those cookies looked good.Looking Up DSC_0491 sml

It was pretty hot and boring except for when mom gave me treats now and then. It was pretty freaky at one pint. It got a little cooler and the light was pretty weird looking. The crickets came out thinking it was night time. They should’ve tried the glasses. That is night time.

Mom and dad spent most of the afternoon looking up at the sun and taking pictures. Either way it was nice being outside together. Beats sitting in the office.

Mom says it is good to keep looking up in life…

just make sure you have the right glasses.

Looking Up DSC_0496 sml

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