Road Trip!

The night before we left on our long trip, and even though I did some of the driving, I wanted to be sure they were taking me. While mom was busy packing I stuffed myself into Arthur’s carrier.

IMG_3371 sml

It took a long time to get to the hotel. Boy, was I tired. I was so glad to eat and go to bed.

IMG_3425 sml

The next day we started our adventures. We went to see gramma. I got to see where she lives. She is far away. What a great house! I mostly stayed outside with mom and dad. The yard was great! Mom kept me on a leash because she said she did not trust me. I think I’ve been insulted.

The back yard was not all the way fenced in so I could go in the lake.

That’s right. I said lake. How cool is that!? It was so exciting sticking my paws in the water, then my face and then I would freak mom out and run around real fast. The whole time mom hung on to the leash screaming and trying to keep up. It was hilarious! I kept doing it over and over again.

There was a dog on the other side of the lake barking. I hadn’t found a way to get to him. I am NOT swimming all the way across the lake to say “hi”…I don’t think…

IMG_3491 sml

Then to really make it fun I started digging up the grass in the yard and rolling in the sand and dirt.

Mom got upset but I thought I looked and smelled great.

Mom was doing some yard work for gramma in the back yard. I ate sticks and grass and roots and dirt. Very relaxing.

Gramma has some strange pets. I flushed them out of her bushes and they flew around our heads and then landed back in the yard. Boy I wanted to chase them but mom wouldn’t let me. Mom doesn’t let me chase anyone! She said they are called Ibis.

IMG_3487 sml

I still think dogs are much better.

We had fun in gramma’s back yard for a couple of days but the third day mom said was for me.

First we went to Green K9. Mom had never been there before so we checked out the toys and treats.

I met some people. It was nice.

IMG_3471 sml

The next place mom said I was going to love. She wasn’t kidding!

We went to Piglet’s Pantry. I want to live there! I met lots and lots of really nice people. They all thought I was cute and beautiful. They loved me. There were toys and treats. Oh the treats! The really nice lady there, Carla, just loved me and I loved her. She kept giving me treats. Edson, the man behind the counter helping Stella (she’s the doggie who owns the bakery) gave me treats too! Mom said we were there to get some fresh baked goodies for my Birthday. I will be one whole year next month. We can’t get fresh baked treats where we live. Mom got me a Birthday “pupcake” and ice cream. I get to celebrate my Birthday early so my pupcake doesn’t go bad.

We also got me new goggles or “Doggles” to protect my eyes. They fit much better and are softer on my face. Carla helped me get the right size.


IMG_3475 sml

Don’t I look Boss?

I got to meet their nice doggie Stella. She is so lucky! She lives thee! She gets to pick out a cookie whenever she wants. I would be in the cookie case until I finished every last one!

I got a new toy too. I picked it out. I took off the hanger and walked away and got more treats.

After we visit all the nice people for a while we said goodbye to my new best friend Carla. Piglet’s Pantry is my newest bestest favoritest place on the planet!!!!!

Mom said the bakery was started years ago because of their dog Piglet. Leave it to a dog to come up with such a great idea!

We stopped in the park in Mount Dora for a while to relax with my stash. It is really nice here.

IMG_3479 sml

We went to gramma’s to celebrate her Birthday. I got to have some of my ice cream. Every night I have been glad to go back to the hotel and eat and sleep.

That night after all the shopping I was too excited to go to bed right away.

IMG_3519 sml

Arthur checked out the stash too. Mom got him stuff for his Birthday too. He is 5 this month.

Our last day we stopped by gramma’s again to have lunch and say goodbye. Mom and I had to drive daddy and Arthur home again.

IMG_3523 sml

What a trip! That was exciting. Now I have friends all over the place, even far away.

We have to go back.

Besides, I already ripped the stuffing out of my new toy.

IMG_3537 sml

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