Goodnight Sweet Arthur

Mom asked me to put this post up. Arthur took a bite of mom’s Mother’s Day lilies and had to go to the hospital. He looked ok to me but mom says they are super poisonous to cats.

He has to stay overnight, which mom, and Arthur, never never like.

Mom went to see him this afternoon to tell him goodnight, but she wrote this letter to him and wants to send it out to him.

He is really really scared. The place he is at is always super noisy and Arthu never sleeps or eats there. He just hides in the corner and grinds his teeth.

So mom wants to send this message out to him hoping it will reach him and help him rest a little. She says if you send a thought, especially with love, it will reach the one you love and help them feel better.

If everything goes well and we caught it in time, Arthur will be coming home tomorrow morning.

So here is mom’s note to Arthur.

IMG_2381 sml

Goodnight my sweet Arthur.

I am so sorry I forgot to bring you my shirt,

to let you know I am with you

and will always come back for you.

Please close your eyes and don’t be afraid.

You are safe.

Ignore the noise as best you can.

Close your eyes and think of me coming to get you in the morning when you awake.

Think only of coming home with me.

Think only of me

and being with me.

And I will think of you

and being with you.

Think of our outside-look-around.

Close your eyes and feel my tummy kisses.

Sleep, and before you know it I will be there to take you home.

Think only of us together.

Everything else is just noise.

Happy Arthur dreams only.

I love you.

IMG_2333 sml

We all send you loveArthur and wish you sweet dreams and peace until you come home.

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