New Year, New Day

People get excited this time of year. Mom and dad didn’t this year.

This last year has been so rough for my family that each day has been like the last.

Humans think there are years and months and there are new years like things will suddenly change. We animals know there are only seasons. That is the only change Today is another day. For us each morning is a new day for a new start.

It offers opportunities for new adventures.

At home we marked the human New Year with treats! Now that custom I get!

Mom also goes nuts with the camera.

So let’s compromise. We’ll have New Days AND throw in the treats each day.

Humans seemed out of control, disoriented and confused all year. They need to listen to animals more and the Earth.

They make things so complicated and mess things up.

I live with the Earth. I patrol the grounds, water the plants and rocks and chew on sticks.


So, if this is a human New Year let’s convince them to do better. Listen to us more and slow down and learn to live with the Earth and all its animals.

Like mom says, “No biting, no fighting.”

It’s less scary that way.

Happy New Day!

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