Christmas Shopping

After Thanksgiving with all the eating and fun there is another holiday. It’s Christmas.

One of the first things involved is shopping. Shopping for plants, trees for inside the house (That’s right I said inside the house. Isn’t that great!), and of course, food.

First we stopped at Lowe’s. I have never been there. It is the biggest pet store I’ve been to yet but unfortunately, no treats. Just a bunch of plants and …stuff. Not even toys.

The people were real nice though. They all loved me, especially the ladies.

Next, the grocery store. I love the grocery store. The bags mom gets from there smell so wonderful. I help her unpack them when we get home. I don’t get to help her shop there. She won’t let me go in. I helped her put the bags in the van though and checked out the smells.

IMG_3816 sml

So far though, other than the indoor tree, Christmas isn’t doing much for me.

Mom says there is more to come.

I hope it involves lots of food and toys and balls.


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