Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s another holiday already!

Of course like all holidays it involves some decorating. This holiday doesn’t have many decorations so that’s good. It takes less time.

As usual Arthur helped with the decorating.

IMG_3766 sml

The morning of this holiday starts off with television. There was a parade on tv. Mom had it on while she was busy in the kitchen…for the food part of it all.

They call it the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There were a few parts I found interesting. A lot of interesting noises coming from it…and then came the turkey!

IMG_3771 smlIMG_3774 sml

This holiday has a LOT of food. This holiday is for food. The house smelled great! Treats all day and food, food, food!

Of course we had to take pictures first. It was killing me standing still. I just kept thinking of the food. Let’s eat!

I don’t trust that cat.

Hope your Thanksgiving was as filling as mine.

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