Another great holiday! It’s incredible! All these special days with lots of toys and plenty of treats. Well, maybe not plenty. They could use a little more.

This holiday is celebrated at night with lights and spooky things. I didn’t find any of it spooky, just annoying.

Decorating was fun. As always Arthur helped. He loves helping to decorate. This time I helped too.

Mom preferred I help with the outside decorations. She kept getting mad because I would grab things inside and run off with them. I really loved helping with decorating outside. I would get so excited I would just keep running around the yard, circling mom. Sometimes I would freak her out and at full speed jump over some of the decorations. Now that was spooky..for mom. I loved it. You’d hear her shriek, hold her breath and then sigh. She clearly doesn’t realize what a professional I have become. I didn’t knock one thing over.

Then there were the pictures. I don’t mind pictures because I get treats, but the costume…I could have done without that. But a treat is a treat.

IMG_3611 sml

I didn’t do it.

Finally we got down to the good stuff…SURPRISES! Arthur and I dove right in.

There were treats and toys inside. Treats first, of course. Then the toys, but only after I am certain there are no more treats coming.

IMG_3668 sml

Then there were more treats..for me.


IMG_3685 sml

IMG_3686 sml

Got it!

What a great day!

Oh NO! Not more pictures!

DSC_0185 smlfix

Someone take the camera away from this woman. She’s out of control.

I wish that stupid wolf would shut up.

DSC_0193 smlfixDSC_0201 sml


By the end of the day Arthur and I were tired. Time to relax.

Mom loves getting pictures of Arthur with the Halloween decorations. She said Halloween is more of a cat’s holiday.

I think Arthur knows it.

IMG_3707 sml

Happy Halloween!

Oh and…

IMG_3690 sml


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