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Another great holiday! It’s incredible! All these special days with lots of toys and plenty of treats. Well, maybe not plenty. They could use a little more.

This holiday is celebrated at night with lights and spooky things. I didn’t find any of it spooky, just annoying.

Decorating was fun. As always Arthur helped. He loves helping to decorate. This time I helped too.

Mom preferred I help with the outside decorations. She kept getting mad because I would grab things inside and run off with them. I really loved helping with decorating outside. I would get so excited I would just keep running around the yard, circling mom. Sometimes I would freak her out and at full speed jump over some of the decorations. Now that was spooky..for mom. I loved it. You’d hear her shriek, hold her breath and then sigh. She clearly doesn’t realize what a professional I have become. I didn’t knock one thing over.

Then there were the pictures. I don’t mind pictures because I get treats, but the costume…I could have done without that. But a treat is a treat.

IMG_3611 sml

I didn’t do it.

Finally we got down to the good stuff…SURPRISES! Arthur and I dove right in.

There were treats and toys inside. Treats first, of course. Then the toys, but only after I am certain there are no more treats coming.

IMG_3668 sml

Then there were more treats..for me.


IMG_3685 sml

IMG_3686 sml

Got it!

What a great day!

Oh NO! Not more pictures!

DSC_0185 smlfix

Someone take the camera away from this woman. She’s out of control.

I wish that stupid wolf would shut up.

DSC_0193 smlfixDSC_0201 sml


By the end of the day Arthur and I were tired. Time to relax.

Mom loves getting pictures of Arthur with the Halloween decorations. She said Halloween is more of a cat’s holiday.

I think Arthur knows it.

IMG_3707 sml

Happy Halloween!

Oh and…

IMG_3690 sml


Strider Learns to Drive

Back in April I got my rabies license. Mom picked out a really good vet for me. She is Dr. Winters at Novey Animal Hospital. She loves me. I love her too. She is so nice to me and pets me and gives me treats!

IMG_2181 sml

Mom said since I got my license I should learn to drive so we can go on trips.

So, at five and a half months old I started learning to drive. I love driving! It is so neat. I get to stick my head out the window and stare at the ground. Mom said it is important to keep my eyes on the road. So I do.

You can see how well I was driving from the start.

Not bad for a beginner.

I have been practicing for months now. I am bigger so I can stick my head out even farther!

IMG_3530 sml

I am working on figuring out how to get the van to turn and chase the goats and cows and donkeys and….squirrel!

IMG_3360 sml

My driving came in handy when we finally went on my fist road trip! Mom had to do most of the driving. It was real long and there were a lot of trees and cars to watch. I fell asleep.

The best part was finally stopping. I met so many people, saw so many things, got to visit gramma and Uncle Eric, and made new friends.

It was a great trip.

Boy am I glad I learned to drive.