Remember Me Thursday 2019

It’s the one day of the year homeless pets are remembered and honored.

On the fourth Thursday of September people celebrate Remember Me Thursday. It is a day to remember and honor homeless pets, pets in shelters, and adopted pets. All pets.

For those who have a home have your humans give you lots of extra hugs and kisses and treats.

Mmmm, treats!

But most of all it is a day to light a candle in remembrance of all the animals who never found a home. The ones who didn’t make it alive off the streets or out of the shelters. The ones who never found a family to love them, give them lots of hugs and kisses and treats. It is for them we light a candle and try to get people to do better.


For the humans out there, find an animal who can love you and rescue you. Don’t waste a life.

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