A Scary Halloween

This Halloween we are joining our friends at Center for Biological Diversity and Forgotten Nations to help Endangered Species.

Endangered Species are entire populations of a species, like dogs, cats or squirrels are species but not Endangered, who are in danger of becoming extinct. That means dying until there are no more on the entire Earth! Wow!

The Center for Biological Diversity is running a campaign to save Endangered Species and the Endangered Species Act this Halloween, October 31.

The Endangered Species Act has helped keep entire species, like Wolves and Grizzly Bears, from going extinct. Disappearing.

Well, Arthur, Dakota, Nikita and I are getting in on the fun and the cause because none of us wants us or any other animals to disappear. You can too.

Dress up as an Endangered Species or carve your pumpkin as an Endangered Species, take a picture and post it on social media with the hashtags #ExtinctionisScary and #ProtectSpecies. Have your people get involved. Make them dress up. For more details and for printable masks and pumpkin templates go to the Extinction is Scary campaign.

They have other things your people can do to help as well.

So a couple bats, a bee and a frog are getting involved.

Extinct means gone. Gone forever. No more. That would be like there were no more dogs or cats anywhere n the world! All gone. Well, cats maybe but dogs? That’s insane! That’s scary!

What about if there were no more squirrels? I don’t like them in my yard but what would I have to do in the mornings if there weren’t any more squirrels in the world to chase?

What kind of nut job tries to kill every animal on the planet? Why are they loose? I get sent to my room just for chasing Arthur. Why aren’t they in their rooms?

What if every animal was gone? Extinct. There would only be people left on the Earth. I love my mom and dad but come on. Let’s face it. Who wants to live with only people? They’re too easy to catch and really bad at wrestling.

Let’s keep people aware and on the move until something is finally done.

It isn’t the hungry little bat

DSC_0685 sml

nor the bee or silly frog that you need to fear.

DSC_0725 sml

It is the mean monsters who keep wiping out species and the planet with their poisoning, burning and bulldozing our homes.

So get involved. Strider Bat and Arthur the Bat Cat say so.

No more animals? Now THAT would be a very scary Halloween.

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