It’s Victorian Christmas!

I don’t know what that means. Mom keeps saying that.

We went to the Thomasville Victorian Christmas.

It was real scary, exciting, happy and hungry.

IMG_3920 sml

There were lights everywhere. Lots and lots of people…everywhere. They all loved me. They wanted to pet me and talk to me.

Lots and lots of kids all sizes.

And the smells. Food as far as my eyes could see and nose could smell. All kinds of foods and food smells. It was mostly up on tables but some was on the ground. Mom wouldn’t let me eat the food on the ground and would not let me get up on the tables to pick out what I wanted.

More people and more people. Too many to greet and then the food.

Mom got a few things from the food tables and like the good boy I am, when they handed her the food I sat looking at them waiting for mine. It never came.

Mom said it was the only time I sat still for more than a second.

What does she expect? There were people and kids and did I mention the food?

And she wanted to take pictures. I was very good about pictures.

IMG_3932 sml

Some people dressed in some special “costumes” mom called it. She had me pose with them.

That wasn’t easy. The lady was nice and kept talking to me. I just wanted to jump all over her.

IMG_3936 sml

I didn’t know where to go first. Jump on everyone while someone hands me food to eat. That would have been the best way to handle it.

There were lots of sounds too. People playing music, singing and a magician. He does tricks people like. I only know one, sit, and I am still working on that. The magician probably already knows how to do that. He’s older than me.

Mom said Santa was there but I didn’t see him. I think he is following me.

It was a dogs paradise with all the people to greet and have them pet me and hug me and feed me all the food. Mom kept me close and kept telling me to stay down. She doesn’t like me jumping on people. I don’t think she understands dog ways.

I did finally get some food. Mom got popcorn and we sat down and shared it. I wasn’t allowed to have hot chocolate though. It is for my own good I am told.

It was fun but exhausting having to make all those people happy.

IMG_3926 sml

Everyone loved me…especially the kids.

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