Meeting Santa

Wow! This Christmas stuff is really really busy and exciting. First shopping, then decorating, treats every day and now this.

First we get to the park and there are these birds all over the place. They drove me nuts! They are worst than squirrels! They run AND swim AND fly! That’s crazy! They almost walk right up to you! Mom said they are called ducks. I wanted to get me a duck.

IMG_3869 sml


I spent yesterday meeting all kinds of dogs and their people. I was at the Santa Paws Walk  put on by the Big Dog Rescue of Tallahassee. It was so exciting I could not contain myself.

There were contests to enter. Mom said I would win the Worst Behaved Dog Contest but that was not a category. I was jumping and pulling to get to everyone. I did not have enough time to greet them all properly so I I had to act quickly and try and hit or jump on everyone I could. She has no sense of humor about these things sometimes. Everyone loved me.

I got to meet Santa. Which was nice but I was very eager to get his two nice assistants but everyone kept telling me to stay and sit with Santa. Who has time?

IMG_3877 sml

I forgot to ask him for a duck. Mom says he brings you whatever you ask for.

I ended up winning 3 trophies. Mom said she could not believe I won 3 trophies and not one of them was for Worst Behaved Dog. See what I mean? No sense of humor.

I won Happiest Holiday Voice after I let out a long low howl. A few sirens went by and I jumped on mommy’s lap. She held on to me and I let out a long howl. The longest howl I have ever done. Mom says I was scared but it just looked that way. I was warning those things, whatever they are, to back off. It worked. They left.

I also won first runner up for Biggest Holiday Smile and First prize for Cutest Face because…well…duh.

IMG_3881 sml

At the end we all took a walk with Santa around the lake. I got to walk with one of my friends I made earlier, Champ. Buttercup, the big dog with Santa, won a few trophies herself.

IMG_3883 sml

After all the fun and excitement it was nice to get into a nice warm van. It was freezing out there. Mom had to hang onto me at times to try and warm me up and protect me from the wind.

Next stop, Esposito’s Lawn and Garden Center to meet Santa…again.

I’m not so sue he is the same guy. Something didn’t seem right. This time he brought Mrs. Claus. I liked her. I was still so excited and couldn’t sit still. More people to greet and make happy. They loved me.

I was exhausted. I slept on the way home and when I got home.

IMG_3903 sml

Mom took this picture. She thinks it’s funny. For That she has a sense of humor.

I did wake up long enough to drive down our street and greet the donkeys.

IMG_3906 sml

What a day!

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