Christmas Day

There is so much to do to prepare for Christmas and Santa’s arrival.

There are the pictures.

DSC_0360 sml

So many pictures.

DSC_0488 sml


Decorating. Mom decorates two trees. The real big one where we keep the presents and a small one just for Arthur and me. She puts toys in it for both of us and sometimes treats.

It’s ok. We are allowed to play with the toys in the tree as long as we leave the big tree alone. She also does not want me playing with Arthur’s toys.

None of it was real exciting except for the Advent Calendar. Arthur and I have an Advent Calendar. For each day in December we find the number for that day and open the drawer. Inside is…you guessed it..treats! I mean what an idea! Every day we get to open a drawer for that day and have a treat!

IMG_4051 sml

Only two things I don’t understand. It stops after Christmas Day and why isn’t there an Advent Calendar for every month of the year, every day of the year??? I mean they had a good idea and then quit. They stopped short of making it a great idea. As I get older I am finding humans difficult to understand at times. Arthur says it is because they are not as smart as us.

Finally Christmas Eve. That is the night before Christmas Day. This is the night Santa finally comes. Again, why does he only come one day a year?

Anyway, Arthur and I slept in front of the tree waiting for Santa. I was hoping to get him when he came in. Mom says he is the one intruder I should let in and not bark at him. We’ll see.

IMG_4075 sml

Well, Santa came and I slept through it. There must be a trick or something because neither Arthur nor I heard or saw him. Mom says he’s magic. I don’t know.

Santa brought toys and treats!

Presents under the tree.

IMG_4098 sml

Yummy treats in our stockings!

DSC_0594 sml

The best time was when it was time to open presents.

Arthur opened his first. Mom said I couldn’t help because she says I don’t help. What? Anyway that was boring.

DSC_0642 sml

Then it was my turn.

IMG_4165 sml

Santa gave me what I wanted my whole life…

IMG_4161 sml


I was so excited I just took off with squirrel to play.

IMG_4168 sml

Mom had to get me back to open my other presents. I was so happy I hadn’t noticed there were more.

IMG_4170 sml

Arthur and I had a great time. We got lots of toys and treats…wait…what’s that cat got.

IMG_4182 sml

I don’t trust that cat.

Oh,nothing. I was worried he got more than me.

After the present frenzy, mom and dad opened their toys too, it was time for more treats and snacks for us and mom and dad.

Arthur got into the eggnog. I didn’t get any.

IMG_4185 sml

All that waiting and preparing paid off. We hit the jackpot. What a day!

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