Happy New Year!

I am not sure what that is all about. People seem to think on a certain day they get a whole new year. It just seems like another day to me but if there are treats I am there.

New Years doesn’t take as much preparation as Christmas. It was pretty relaxing the couple days before it.

I watched dog agility on tv. Mom said to pay attention and learn what the dogs do. She wants me to run agility. So I watched.

IMG_4196 sml

New Yeas Eve happens to be daddy’s Birthday too. So for us we had a Birthday party.

Mom says I got my presents for my Birthday back in November but we never had a party. So we had a double Birthday party. Mom says our Birthdays are new years for each of us.

I got treats and more toys! Oh, and Arthur was there.

I got an iPaw. I don’t know why but mom thinks it’s funny.

IMG_4277 sml

Had a yummy Birthday cake too!

IMG_4281 sml

Mom says people like to make something called resolutions for New Years. Those are promises they make for the whole year. That is too much to remember for too long for me. Mom doesn’t make resolutions. She says she just tries to do better each day. Me too.

There was only a little food and treats. Not like Christmas.

The noise. I could sure do without that.

On New Years Day it seemed like just another day to me.

IMG_4348 sml

Happy New Year!

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