Baby It’s Cold Outside

I don’t have long fur so mom says I get cold easy. I don’t know that I get cold easy except that it gets cold outside, I go outside and so I am cold too…easy.

Anyway, when I come inside after playing in the cold I go right to the wood burning stove and curl up tight on my bed with a blanket tucking my nose.

The last week or so Arthur and I have been living on the blanket in front of the fire. Mom says it is the only time Arthur and I have been getting along…when we are sleeping.

A Big Cold came though and froze us out. It got real cold fast and stayed there for over a week.

Boy am I glad mom got me a new jacket.

IMG_4311 sml

Now instead of coming inside after play and curling up in front of the stove, I come in excited and still wanting to play. I love it!

When The Big Cold came we had frozen rain.


Mom was upset. She says if she is going to freeze she should at least get some snow out of it and have some fun.

I was ready with my jacket.

IMG_4323 sml

I ran around the yard and played with my ballie. It was fun. I felt good when I went inside and did not live by the fire.

IMG_4319 sml

I even helped mom every night go out and turn on the faucets.

I love my new jacket, although I could do without the hood. Mom says it keeps my ears warm. I just keep shaking it off.

Baby it’s cold outside.

That’s ok.

Bring it on!

IMG_4310 sml

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