International Polar Bear Day

Happy International Polar Bear Day! Mom says it is a day to think about and learn about polar bears.

I think about my polar bear a lot. He is one of my favorite toys.

IMG_4920 sml

Every time I get him broken in and just the way I like him, mom washes him. She says he is starting to look like a black bear.

I have two polar bear toys. I recently ripped the foot off one of them. I want the foot back but mom wont give it back.

IMG_4932 sml

Anyway , if you want to honor Polar Bear Day by learning about polar bears and more importantly helping them visit Forgotten Nations. Mom says they are endangered which means they could disappear off the Earth forever. Sounds scary.

I would hate for my polar bear to be gone forever.

IMG_4923 sml

So when will we have International Dog Day?

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