Dog Agility Adventure

Last weekend mom took me to a local kennel club event. They had a Dog Show, Barn Hunt and Agility. She wanted me to learn agility so she thought it would be good for me to watch other dogs running the course.

When I was three months old I learned some agility. Mom said I learned fast and was very good at it.

IMG_1842 sml

Mom and I have not practiced the jumps and tunnel in a long time. She started teaching me again the last few months and I am even better! I run through the jumps now. Mom seems real upset about it but I think I’m doing great. Before I was too little to knock them all over. Now I just plow right trough them the whole time keeping my eyes on the treat in her hand.

Anyway, mom wanted me to see how other dogs go over the jumps and through the tunnels. They did other things too like wiggling through some poles sticking straight up from the ground and walking on some tall boards.

First we stopped at something they called the Barn Hunt. Mom said they put rats in a tube and hide them in the hay. Then the dogs have to find the rats.

IMG_4904 sml

I could do that.

Mom said I could do it in a heart beat. I am a good mouser. I’ve caught two mice in our front yard. Dad is so happy when I do and cheers me on and tells me “Good Boy!”. Mom just makes a face and says “yuck” a lot while shoveling my new toy I just caught.. She doesn’t even let me keep it. So I have to go and find another.

I could do this Barn Hunt game.

IMG_4908 sml

Then we went to see the agility. It was really hot that day with no shade. Mom kept trying to find some shade for me and keep my feet off the hot pavement.

I watched the dogs run and jump. It got me real excited and I barked at the dogs and tried to run after them. I wanted to play with them but mom kept holding me back. I don’t get it. She wanted me to go ans see how the other dogs ran agility and when I try to join them she holds me back. Humans are very confusing.

IMG_4917 sml

Mom said I was disruptive and took me further from the course. That is when some dog came running at me from nowhere and started a fight with me. Mom kept blocking the dog and yelling so someone would get the dog. I just stood there and hid my face. Mom said I was a good boy and did not fight the dog. Boy was she mad at the dog’s mom.

Mom said that happened once before at an agility event. She said she thinks it was the same kennel club. She took Margo, the doggie mom loved before me. She passed away a couple years ago. Mom said they took her to watch agility for fun and a dog attacked her too. She did the same thing and did not fight back.

It’s funny when mom gets mad at other people. She kept saying “My dogs may not be “professionally” trained like these fancy show dogs but they never attacked other dogs.” Then she’d say “Some professional.” She was so proud of me. She wasn’t so frustrated when I’d pull on the leash to visit with other dogs. No one let me greet their dogs though. Mom just kept telling me I was a “Good Boy.”

After only an hour of being there we left. It was hot and mom said the people were not friendly at all and then when that dog attacked me mom said that was it. I still get to learn agility but mom said we will just do it at home for fun.

We stopped off on the way home to get lunch. I had french fries and some treats mom brought and we went home. Lunch and home were my favorite parts.

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