Play Dating

A few weeks ago, the day after Valentine’s Day, we were all home just hanging around when a neighbor came over. He was helping dad with something. I was so upset because they did not let me out so I could jump on this new person. I met him once before on our walks. He left before I could do anything. I was so upset.

Then he came back with a lady and a dog!

Wow! A dog in my yard!

They came through the gate and let us sniff each other while on leashes. No one ever lets me sniff the dogs when we are out.

Next, I couldn’t believe this, mom and the lady took our leashes off and let us run around.

Boy did we run, for about an hour or so. My tongue was dragging on the ground bu I had to keep going. My new dog friend is Lucy. Mom loves her name because she says it is perfect since I still look a little like Snoopy. Whatever that means.

I would chase Lucy around the yard and then she would chase me. It was great. I never got to play with another dog before. There aren’t any out in the country where we live. The nearest dog park where mom says dogs get together to play is an hour away.

IMG_4836 sml

When we got hot and thirsty we went in my pool. Mom didn’t like it because the pool was full of rain water and leaves and was dirty. Lucy and I thought it was just fine.

IMG_4840 sml

Mom and Lucy’s mom talked about maybe having play dates. That is when moms get together to let their dogs play together.

We had a blast. Lucy liked the pool so much she started to hog it all for herself.

That’s ok. She’s my new friend. Mom calls her my girlfriend.

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