Easter 2 The Sequel

It was my second Easter.

First Arthur and I had to pose for pictures. We didn’t cooperate very well. Mom is crazy with the camera all of the time. Doesn’t she know it just slows things down?


Dog Bone Hunt!

My favorite! I was on fire. I whipped through the yard looking for those treats and found every one of them!

Got it!

Then came my…

Easter basket!

I am a big boy now so I got a BIG Easter basket.

IMG_5054 sml

I took care of that thing in no time. I went right in and got straight to the treats.

Mom said to tell you not to try this at home…even though I did…I’m a professional.

I cleaned that basket out!

I was so good at hunting my teats I helped dad out with his.

I felt kind of bad. Dad only got plastic eggs. There wasn’t anything I could eat. I checked.

IMG_5113 sml

Mom found a couple special eggs. She wouldn’t let me have those.

IMG_5043 sml

Arthur got to go on his hunt and open his basket.

I don’t think it was fair since I had to stay inside. I know it is because I am better at hunting treats and opening baskets than Arthur.

It was a fun day. I got a lot of treats and a toy. That is always a good day.

Again, I don’t know why we don’t have these days more often.

How did you spend your holiday with your people?

Happy Easter!


IMG_5133 sml


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