April is a Taxing Time for Humans and Dogs

Have you noticed your human acting strange and erratic lately? Have they been throwing temper tantrums or yelling at their computers? Then suddenly cry? If we behaved like that we wouldn’t get a treat. We would probably get sent to our rooms.IMG_5161 sml

Well, I have learned it is something that happens around this time of year, every year. It is called taxes. I am not sure what it is but it seems to be real serious and can afflict humans for days or even weeks. So how do you get through this unpredictable behavior phase?

I have come up with 3 ways to get through this rough patch safely.

First, stay out of the way. They have papers everywhere, they go through mad searches for more papers as if they just lost their bestest toy. Just stay out of the way. Go to another part of the house if you can. They are unpredictable and really cranky. Don’t try to understand it. Arthur and I tried. We couldn’t figure out why papers made mom act this way.

Just do your own thing quietly. At least it is not about you or anything you did. They are mad at someone else. So that is good.

Second, give moral support and love ONLY WHEN IT IS SAFE! When they are in one of their moments of despair and look like they are giving up, about to cry or real tired, slowly, and I mean slowly and quietly move in. Feel them out. When they look like they need a friend that is where you come in.

My mom collapses on the floor sometimes and takes a break sighing a lot. That is when I move in to help her out. Arthur helped too. They are really grateful for it.

Third, whatever you do for goodness sake DON’T HELP OUT! I tried it. It did not go well. It made her worse for some reason.

The good news is it is temporary. The bad news is it comes back every year. Just hang on. It all ends shortly after April 15 for some reason. So watch the calendar and count the days.IMG_5188 sml


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