Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!IMG_5220 sml

That is so cool to have a day just to celebrate the Earth. A day just for a planet! The only thing is it is not about food and presents.

Mom says April 22 is supposed to be about fighting to save the Earth but has become a festival which has food. They talk about this at Forgotten Nations.

Mom says we should be on the streets marching and demanding protections for the Earth, Nature and animals. That sounds right to me. I just don’t understand why anyone would have to fight for all that. Clean air, water, and land is a no brainer. Who is dumb enough to poison their water or food. Especially food. Food is so good why ruin it? And water! I drink a lot of water when I run around outside. I don’t want anyone poisoning it and making me sick.

I like the marching idea. I love walks. Meeting so many new people is a great idea too, especially people who love the Earth and animals. I noticed Forgotten Nations is a voice for Nature and wildlife. So I want to start a group that is a voice for Nature but for us domestic animals. It’s called Paws for Planet Earth. Us dogs and our people can march for the Earth if no one else will. We’ll have pets and their people all over the world marching for the Earth. This will be great! I can’t wait. Paws united we’ll show people how it’s done.Paws-for-Earth png2

Anyone who is dumb enough to poison and kill the Earth we live on and ruin it for everyone else should be in time out. After all, I have to go into time out when I have been bad. Never bad enough to poison my family or home. That is going to be a real long time out.IMG_5221 sml

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