A Lesson in Science

Mom has been super busy lately and then for Mother’s Day she was real sick. Luckily I was there to help her feel better.

First, I offered her a ballie.

DSC_0005 sml crop

She just wanted a hug. Mom says I am the bestest hugger on the whole planet. Don’t tell my dad though, mom says he might get upset.

DSC_0008 sml crop

While mom was working, sick, and working again I amused myself cruising the internet. Found some interesting stuff about human brains.

It seems humans can’t resist us. We turn their brain on. They can’t resist our cute round faces and big eyes. It has something to do with scheming babies or something.

Human moms can’t tell us apart from their babies. We all get their amy dayla, meaty orbit corks and put man all worked up and they are ours.

One look into our eyes and human oxy toes in on their hippo’s campus just comes flooding out.

Just spending time with us increases their circulation of door fins and dopey minds and that makes them really happy.

Didn’t know I was so smart about science, being so young, did you? Mom reads a lot of science so I learn a lot.

Here is a video to help you.

So this is why humans are dopey sometimes because when they are around us they have more dopey minds circulating. They can’t help it. They can’t resist us. Their brains say so.

Mom says it only works on puppies so now that I am a big boy she needs to get a puppy. She’s just saying that. We make them happy and dopey no matter how old we get. She just looks into these eyes and she is mine…my dopey mind.

IMG_4938 sml

One thought on “A Lesson in Science

  1. Too funny….my first thought was omg Jill has lost the ability to write a sentence! Her brain is scrambling her words!
    A little slow on my part ….doodah….

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