A Visit from Gramma

Gramma came to visit for two whole weeks! I love Gramma so much. I miss her. I don’t know why she doesn’t just stay here. I’m sure she loves me too. I made her laugh and smile a lot.

I loved having her for so long. It gave us time to hang out a lot.

Mom was busy a lot again so I took care of Gramma. I stayed with her every minute.

We watched tv together. I always had my heart out for her whenever she looked my way.

I helped her eat. I made sure she didn’t eat too much.

IMG_0139 sml crop

We walked around the yard together.

IMG_0101 sml crop

We had quiet times.

DSC_0043 sml cropOf course Arthur had to get in on it. He gave her some love and a high five.

Show off.

I had a great time with Gramma. I loved having all of us together…the whole family.

More hugs, cuddles and kisses all around.

DSC_0033 sml crop

For some reason Gramma had to leave. I don’t know why she doesn’t stay with me. We were all happy having a good time. I took good care of her. Something must have made her go home. Maybe next time she will stay because I really hate goodbyes.

IMG_0151 sml crop

Why can’t we stay with the ones we love?


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