It’s Independence Day!

It is yet another holiday. I love how people find things to celebrate…and it always involves lots of food.

My mom says this is Independence Day. I guess that means everyone is independent today. I don’t know why for only one day but …who knows….who cares…there is food. Barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cookies, treats,…Woo Hoo!

Mom says some years she becomes independent and forms her own country. I guess that is what the independence is, they celebrate independent countries.

I like my mom’s country. She has a flag and money. She said she did it years ago at a party they had before I was born.

She had everyone write down what they wanted on what they called their Bill of Rights. This is why I like my mom’s country she has one day a year. It has the Right to Healthcare for All, especially my dad. The best part is “All animals and plants have rights”, the same as humans. That’s a no brainer, you’d think, but mom says that is not how it is. Only in our little country (our house really) and some other homes do animals and plants have rights. That doesn’t seem right.

We celebrate with lots of food and treats, (Did I mention that?) and tv and fireworks..sort of. I have never seen or heard fireworks. We live out in the country and we usually don’t hear anything this time of year except maybe in the distance. Mom and dad watch fireworks on tv. They have some they will try this year but mom says it should not be noisy at all and I can stay inside. I might watch from the window.

Remember all you dogs…and cats, tell your people to drown out the fireworks with tv or radio, keep fireworks away from chewing teeth, mom says it will make me very very sick, and they need to give treats, lots and lots of treats.

IMG_0230 sml

Happy Independence Day!

Have a fun and filling Independence Day with your people.

What would your country’s Bill of Rights say?

Show your Independence!

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