Happy New Year 2019!

Another New Year is about to start. How many of these are there?

Mom says the New Year is a fresh start. We get to start over and do better. You pick something you want to happen or something you want to do and work on doing it for the next year. It is called a resolution. She said Dakota’s and my resolution should be “No Biting, No Fighting.” NAH! I’m sure I can do better.

I know. More treats and walks!

Mom doesn’t like resolutions. She prefers wishes.

So….I wish for more treats and walks.

I found a great video to help all my readers show their people what to do to make everyone’s New Year Happy. Humans have New Years Parties and they can get loud and scary sometimes.

Dr. Foote is with Low Stress Handling of Dogs and Cats. I love her New Years idea.

I’m lucky. I live in the country so thee isn’t much noise out here.

I love this lady. She has great ideas and explains it to humans. Her plan makes half my resolution…er…wish come true already. More treats!

Wishing everyone a great New Year filled with lots and lots of walks and treats!

IMG_1510 sml New Year


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