Game On!

It’s that time of year again. The time when stores are quiet, streets abandoned and people are home eating tons of food and watching tv. No, it isn’t Thanksgiving. It’s the Super Bowl with an L and some I s after it.


So get your Game On!

DSC_0795 sml Game On

This year I discovered there is more than one Super Bowl. I found one even better than the one I watched last year.

The Puppy Bowl!

DSC_0738 sml Game On

It is much more interesting. First, dogs are allowed to play. In fact ONLY dogs are allowed to play. That’s great because dogs know how to handle a ball. They know what to do with it.

DSC_0751 sml Game On

Makes you just want to get out thee and play!

DSC_0755 sml Game On

Cats have one too. Arthur watched the Kitten Bowl.

He looks away when the humans come on. They bore him.

DSC_0722 sml Game On

The Puppy Bowl is much better. There is a lot more action and wrestling and…

Who’s that guy?

DSC_0736 sml Game On

Get off the field!

Super Bowl Day is the one time you are allowed to yell. So take advantage.

Nikita and Dakota are new to this Super Bowl stuff. They are still trying to figure out what the football is.

This Sunday I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl and eating lots and lots of treats.

I’ll be out playing my own Puppy Bowl too.

Then more treats.


DSC_0799 sml Game On

Mmmm, treats.


Hope you have a great Puppy Bowl Day too!

DSC_0873 sml Game On


Game On!

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