It’s International Polar Bear Day!

It’s International Polar Bear Day again. It’s like they have one every year.

IMG_2228 sml

This is an important day because it reminds humans the Polar Bears need help.

Mom says the whole Earth needs help. So why do we have to remind people every year to help. Why don’t they just help Polar Bears and the Earth and get it done? Then we could just move on to more fun days like International Give Your Dog Whatever He Wants Day!

I’d hate to see Polar Bears disappear from the Earth. I love my Polar Bears.

People don’t seem very bight. How can they let all the animals disappear? I think things would be better to let animals run things a while. More food, more naps, more treats, more play.

King Arthur is up to the task.

IMG_2255 smlPaws-for-Earth png2

Read about my Polar Bears and how you can adopt one for free at Forgotten Nations.

Please help them. I’d hate to lose my Polar Bears or the Earth for that matter. I don’t know where we would move to.

IMG_2248 sml

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