Happy National Pet Day!

National Pet Day. I’m national. I have my own blog and a Facebook page so I’m really international. So I posed for a picture. Which do you think is best for my National Pet Day portrait?

IMG_2657 sml

Or maybe this is my better side?

IMG_2656 sml

We have our own day! We should.

The way I figure it, National Pet Day means people have to pet us all day. So make sure you hold them to it.

It’s your day so take advantage of every bit of it.

Have your people take you to your favorite store for toys and treats.

Yum! Treats!

IMG_2476 sml

Or chilax outside and enjoy the day.

IMG_2516 sml

Or enjoy relaxing with friends.

Of course, there is the nap time inside after a good day of treats, play, food and treats.

IMG_2333 sml

This is your day out of 365 all year. Get your people working.

Either way you choose or do it all and then some,

have a Great National Pet Day!

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