Happy July Fourth!

Well, it’s here again, another holiday. Humans like making up days for celebrating. That’s ok because it always involves food.

Today has many names. It is Independence Day, Fourth of July and July Fourth.  I’m not sure what makes it so special, but the humans really get excited about July 4. Yet they don’t celebrate January 4 or February 4 or any other month. Just July.

I’ll take it if it means food and treats.

I know this holiday means fireworks. You know, those noisy things that light up on the ground and in the sky. They don’t really scare me but they are annoying. Like many things humans do I don’t get fireworks.

You can’t eat them.


Remember to stay safe and have your people keep you inside with the radio or tv on and lots of treats and toys, plenty of hugs and kisses, and lots of treats!


IMG_3157 sml

That suits me fine. It’s too hot for us to be outside anyway.

Mom took her usual holiday pictures posing me. She tried to pose Arthur and the Huskies…with no luck.

This is how a professional model does it.

IMG_3129 sml txt

Have a safe quiet, yummy July Fourth!

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